Take Control of Your Cash

POS Drop Safes

Allow storage of cash and other payment media during peak trading times until cash can be safely removed from point-of-sale locations.

Why a Drop Safe?

  • Protect cash revenues and minimise the amount stored in till drawers.
  • Mounted securely out of sight under the cash desk(s.)
  • Help prevent internal and external cash theft.
  • Reduce "snatch-and-grab" robbery risk, lessening danger to employees.
  • Safes are "fish proof", preventing individuals from pulling out deposited bank notes.

PoS Safes deter fraud and theft for:

Boots, Burger King, Barclays, and HSBC to name just a few users.

The standard 100 PoS Safe

The PoS 100 safe is a straightforward drop safe containing a metal cassette to store bank notes and other payment media.

  • Constructed from steel, fully mechanical and no plastic working parts.
  • Provides enhanced security, with 2 separate keys - one to remove the safe from point-of-sale and one to open the note storage cassette.

The Advanced 110 PoS Safe

This PoS safe is a robust drop safe containing a lightweight cassette to store bank notes and other payment media.

  • Inner reinforced fabric pouch with carry handle to allow easy portability to back office for counting.
  • Spare pouches make shift changes faster and more convenient.

The Electronic 150 PoS Safe

This electronic PoS safe has the benefit of pin number entry and configurable time delay.

  • Time delay gives you the same high security and deterrent effect that high street banks enjoy.
  • Inner pouch has a labelling facility so that contents may be easily reconciled against z/x read.
  • Operator and supervisor codes can be changed quickly and efficiently.
  • Operators enter their PIN for simplicity, accountability and security.

All of the above are provided by our partner and leading PoS safe company:


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