Secure Open Display for High Theft Items

Keeper/Safers for All Sizes of Merchandise

Security cases can protect the vast majority of items a shoplifter would like to sweep off store shelves.  Merchandisers can create very attractive visual displays with confidence that the product is well protected.

Keepers/Safers Provide
    Items to Protect
Security of locked cabinets with the
benefits of open merchandising
    Entertainment - DVD, BluRay, Any Games
Provide excellent viewing of the product packaging     Small Package Goods - Batteries, Infant Goods, Memory Cards/Sticks
Keep the original packages intact     Small Electronics -  iPods, cell phones
Promote customer browsing     Large and Small Software
EAS Compatible - (UM label, RF label, EM strip, AM & RF Ferrite Coil, EAS Pouch)     Health & Beauty Merchandise
Benefit Denial - The case has to be smashed to get to the product    



Strong visual deterrent, Reusable     All Razor Products

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