Protect iPads and Tablets

iPads and Tablets - Your customers should be able to "Test Drive" them while the sample device is secure for display.

Many companies rushed into the acquisition of ant-theft devices for their iPads and Tablets when they became fashionable.


First generation security devices for the retail display of these tablets were "clunky."


We now offer one of the largest range of iPad and Tablet protection devices currently available in the UK.


The TS Bracket by Sennco Security Solutions

The Tablet Security Bracket is the latest in mechanical security from Sennco; it is a tool to help display and secure tablets in use in any retail environment.

With the ability to be screwed down onto any fixture and with a simple keylock

feature, a tablet can be inserted and removed on the fly.The TS Bracket also can be fitted with signage (advertisements, marketing, price card) to coincide with securing your tablet. Our movable bracket head makes changing out different varieties of tablet easy, with a simple press of a button the bracket can slide off and another tablet intserted.

  • Increase Sales - display a live unit that consumers can interact with
  • One Step DIsconnect
  • Rapid Removal System
  • Prevent Theft - perfect for 24 hour locations
  • Easy installation - low maintenance
  • Rotates - display landscape or portrait
  • Perfect for non-retail -  Display information at restaurants, golf courses, salons, clubs......

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Quickconnect by Sennco

Power and Alarm solution for handheld electronics that allows the consumer to interactwith a live device as if they were in their own home.

Simply plug in your OEM provided USB power cable into the Solo 2 Quick Connect
Kit, and the device automatically becomes secured with the
press of a button.


The Quick Connect utilizes our patent pending capacitive sensing and a power strap to reinforce your OEM cable to the Quick Connect solution.


Quick Connect becomes the perfect single cable solution for a clean, organized, and secured display.


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The Core by Compucage

  • Allows for 90 degree rotation
  • Non obtrusive design allows for uniterrupted interactive experience
  • Cable attachment or optional fixed brackets
  • Pivoting corners and telescopic base
  • Vinyl coated and padded protection

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iPadsecure Secure Stand

Position your iPad2 & iPad3 (New iPad) in portrait or landscape mode with 360° continuous rotation screen mounting is simple and locking it to ensure it’s there when you return is even simpler

  • The secure stand for the iPad comes in a choice of black or white and offers full rotation to 360° and tilt up to 90°. 
  • Easy 'snap in' - 'snap out' motion provides hassle free removal of your iPad2 & iPad3 and has protective "none scratch" locators keeping your iPad2 & iPad3 like new.
  • The iPad is secured via the coiled cable tether which is attached to the anchor plate.
  • The coiled security cable runs through the middle of the stand ensuring when the iPad2 & iPad3 is removed it is still secure but can be held and played with.
  • When the iPad2 & iPad3 is placed back into the stand the coiled cable neatly retracts.

  • It has a built Wall Mount facility which means you can view anywhere, any height.
  • The detachable "Claw” enables you to upgrade your stand for future iPads as they are released.
  • It has a non slip base for use on any surface.

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