Locking Display Hooks Protect Products

Secure Locking Display Hook

Regular display hooks are vulnerable to "Sweeping." Sweeping is the theft of all merchandise from a display hook.  The new hook design deters sweeping and theft of the hook itself.   Plus there are several devices that will add to the hook security.

Double Locking Hook

The two locking elements of the SMDL Display Hook will eliminate product removal without the assistance from staff.


New hooks lock securely to the backing fixtures plus the tag holder locks securely to the lower hook bar.  These two elements will decrease or wipe out sweeping in your place of business.

Have Anti-sweep hooks already in store?

It's your choice:


To be more secure, you can replace the non-locking antisweep hooks with an Antisweep locking hook.  This is a single rod with the back locking element for the fixture. This stops removal of hook by a thief.




You could provide security in the form of a security device that restricts the number of products that are accessible to shoplifters while still allowing the regular customer to access merchandise.

Stop Lok - Reduce the "Grab and Go"

Stop Lok improves fixture management while providing Benefit Denial protection.


Allows you to fill the hook and secure several items at the same time.


Merchandising and replenishment staff carry the management tool on their belt to reposition the Stop Lok when accessible items are sold.


It is small, unobtrusive and very effective.


Can be fitted to most single or double rod hooks.


Just position Stop Lok part way along a fully loaded hook. This protects the back-up stock.


Can be imprinted with "See Staff" if the merchandise is blocked from removal.

Hook Snap - Protect theft from Euro Hooks

Hook Snap is a highly effective anti sweep security device for products on Euro Hooks


Hook Snap can be used on 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm euro hooks


It will fit on single or double bar euro hooks or single hanger clips.


Easly installed.  Apply pressing two parts together - When you hear the "click" it is locked into place


Easliy opened.  Use the patented, mechanical locking hand-key.


Can be supplied with or without an EAS tag.


Can be supplied with either an RF ferrite coil or an AM ferrite.  This enhances your EAS system by sounding the alarm if a thief tries to leave the store with products still on hook.

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