Computer Protection

What environments:

Banks, Commercial Offices, Insurance Companies, Libraries, Local Government Offices, Police Forces, Retail Displays, Schools, Travelling Personnel, Universities just to name a few.

Protecting Towers

Secure the towers to the floor or wall or desk - vandals can't take them away.

  • Variety of installation options (securing through the base, or optional sidemounts, L-shaped plates,and cables)
  • Non-obtrusive design allows for an undisturbed interactive experience
  • Does not restrict airflow or access to cable ports (front or back)
  • Vinyl-coated for protection
  • Simple to install
  • Optional accessories available

T 1000   
T 2000   

Fits Towers

9.5-14.5" h

5.5-9.25" w

11-18" d





Fits Towers

14.5-21" h

6.5-10.5" w

15.5-20" d




Fits Towers

19.5-26" h

6.5-10.5" w

15.5-20" d


LCD Security with Compucollar

Anchor LCD panels - they won't be taken away.

Model 290

Compucollar secures around LCD Panel base and anchors with a 5' x 1/4" coated cable.  Attach to floor or side of workstation/desk. The collar has it's own special keys.  (Width opening is 3".)

Model 1312

This is a larger Compucollar. It secures around the LCD Panel Base and can be anchored either with a 5'x1/4" coated cable or it can be fixed to surface with a bracket.  (Width opening is 5".)


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