Protect Champagnes, Spirits & Wines

Secure Bottle Tag

  • Xantar™ polycarbonate
  • Excellent benefit denial
  • Available in RF or AM EAS
  • Low profile fits all shelves
  • Competitively priced
  • High security SuperLock
  • Easy to apply
  • One-handed removal: “Hot Topic”
  • Pain bumps contra forceful removal
  • No damage to bottle seal
  • Printed company logo capability

View cap design elements up close


Benefits     Merchandising
Tough and re-usable, put over the top

of bottle and click into place


Create "Free Flow" and enjoy increased sales


Quick & easy to apply



Allows you to stock higher priced brands

than may have been offered before

Caps removed  by staff at the till -

easy using patented detacher


Expect rapid bayback for your


Available in AM or RF technology

to enhance your EAS efforts


Provides merchandising continuity


Can be used as Benefit Denial     Does not damage foil

Does not protrude beyond bottle base,

provides protections without wire

sticking out or oversized tops that eat

up shelf space


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