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We can provide you with anti-theft devices that offer the maximum security for all merchandise, display cases, EAS and more. We have serviced the industry for over 15 years with great success.

Consumer Electronics - Open Display

Let your customers pick it up and try it out.  Our innovative technology can allow the live display of powered cell/mobile phones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, iPods and GPS.  Guaranteed to stimulate sales and give you the competitive edge.

EAS - Improve Performance

Take a look at our range of high spec, up-to-date devices that are designed to enhance and maximise the performance of any Electonic Article Surveillance system installed with Secure Display Hooks, Keepers/Safers, and Alarming Tags.

Wines, Spirits, Champagnes

SMDL offers one of the largest ranges of high security Bottle Tags in the UK. There is one for you just waiting to "Boost Your Sales - Bust Your Losses"

Laptops, Notebooks, iPads, Tablets

We provide leading technology with devices such as SpyderBenji 2, TS Bracket, Core, iPadsecure, Quickconnect, Bespoke Tablet security devices.

Relationship Management

Successful long-term relationships with retailers.

We offer:

In-store Trials, Regular Reviews, Supply & Install, Staff Training, Maintenance & Service.





Contact us: info@smd-l.com or +44 (0)7889 337 220